Your Audience Is Out There. Go Find Them.

There’s an audience for everything, no matter how mainstream or obscure. As we create our audience will slowly build.

Justin Cox
2 min readFeb 18, 2022

Three people playing pinball
Photo by Louie Castro-Garcia on Unsplash; Edited by Justin Cox

I was scrolling through TikTok the other day when I came across a captivating live show. It was a couple playing a coin game at Dave and Buster’s. I was enthralled with their positivity and enjoyment from the arcade game and watched for 20 minutes. When I left the stream to make dinner, over 15,000 people watched as the couple played.

There’s an audience for everything, no matter how mainstream or obscure.

When I coach other writers, I often hear frustrations about following counts or rejections from publications and agents. Unfortunately, these frustrations are widespread. That, of course, doesn’t invalidate the feelings. It does, however, point to a larger issue: everything isn’t intended for everyone.

We creators must keep creating. Over time, our audience will slowly build.

I don’t know how long that couple on TikTok has played arcade games, but they mentioned they go live every Wednesday. Consistency is key. Posting once and expecting instant growth is not how an audience works. We must be committed to our art and allow it to find the right audience.

Creating and building an audience is a long process. Sure, some people find overnight success and then love to tell you how easy it is, but don’t listen to them. They got lucky. Instead, consistently create things that you care about. Your audience will find you.

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