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Words That Kinda Matter

A team of Medium’s misfits take on 2017.

If ever there was an onion of a year, it was 2017. This trash year can be encapsulated in a few big words — words that matter. But like any good onion, when you peel off the first layer you find a whole new layer underneath.

A layer that kinda matters.

A team of ’s most intrepid misfits decided to define 2017 with Words That Kinda Matter. These are those words hovering below the onion’s surface, waiting to be caramelized.

For a quick bite, click on this swanky logo and be instantly transported to a word that kinda mattered. Or don’t be whimsical and keep scrolling.

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You would still be here…

Anyway, here are the Words That Kinda Mattered as brought to life by some of Medium’s best authors. Or, at least a few that were interested.

FYI, if you have a word that kinda matters, respond with a link to your story.

Breaking by

Burrito by

Cantankerous by

Covfefe by

Evangelical by

Facts by

Gross by

Meh by (that’s me!)

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