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When It Comes To Politics, Facebook Isn’t The Problem

Sure, it’s easy to hate on Facebook. It’s easy to point out how they’re ruining our lives and mining insane amounts of our data. Yes, Facebook is not good for us.

But, when it comes to our politics, Facebook is just a scapegoat.

Here in Florida, anywhere from $60 to $90 million of “outside” money was spent on the Senate race. “Outside” is a friendly term that refers to Political Action Committees.

PACs spend insane money to drive division, incite fear, and push their agenda at all costs. They do this through a barrage of ads and robocalls. Some of which will appear on Facebook but PACs are only using Facebook’s platform in the same way they use TV and radio.

These ads are not regulated and are not required to be factual, which they typically are not. The robocalls can even be blatantly racist without repercussion.

Sure, the public can cry foul and fact-checkers can point out inaccuracies, but in today’s world of headlines and soundbites if you repeat something enough it becomes true for some people.

No, Facebook isn’t the problem. Political Action Committees are.

To fix our politics we need Congress to regulate (or eliminate) PACs. They won’t, of course, because elected officials enjoy PAC money and advertising. It’s a catch-22 and we, the people, are stuck being inundated with false ads.

So what do we do?

That’s a fantastic question.

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