“What does it feel like to know the co-founder of Twitter reads your stories?”

My wife asked me this question over dinner last week. I was telling her how Ev Williams, CEO of Medium and co-founder of Twitter, applauded for my stories, How was your hurricane? and I’m a Slave to My Wrist. My hurricane story would later be featured in the weekly membership email.

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Note the Kia Soul in the background of the image? #KiaSoulConspiracy

The question caught me off guard.

Ev had engaged with some of my content in the past. Most notably when he responded to my offhanded remark about clapping. Though, it never occurred to me that he was actually reading some of my stories, let alone enjoying them.

In high school, a teacher lovingly told me I had the worst handwriting she’d ever seen. I’ve never been much for spelling; if it weren’t for the squiggly red lines, this story would be illegible. Grammar? Was never in my playbook. Despite all that, over the last few years of writing and telling stories on Medium I’ve managed to publish things that people enjoy. One of which runs the place.

I’m overjoyed and humbled every time I see someone has engaged with a story I’ve published. Medium has opened doors for me I wouldn’t have imagined possible a year ago. My writing and storytelling have grown and flourished because of the feedback I’ve received through publishing on Medium. I’m grateful to the community of writers that help make me a better writer.

Medium is a pretty great place.

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Co-Founder of The Writing Cooperative ➡️ Connect at JustinCox.com.

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