We Go Together…

Combining two passions into one amazing opportunity

Photo by Freddy G on Unsplash

Today is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. Did you know that was a thing that existed? Neither did I. Yet, here we are!

According to National Today, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich was created by Julia Davis Chandler in 1901. Her recipe was printed just 18 years after peanut butter was unveiled to the world at the 1883 Chicago World’s Fair. In other words, it only took 18 years to realize these two condiments were made for each other.

The movie Grease ends with the song “We Go Together.” Sure, the song wasn’t talking about peanut butter and jelly. But what if it was?! I’m sure there is a version of the finale where Danny and Sandy are replaced with peanut butter and jelly.

Why am I talking about peanut butter and jelly? They are two things that naturally go together, and today I’m happy to announce two more things that naturally go together.

I worked in a nonprofit for fifteen years. My responsibilities were wide-ranging but included writing and implementing curriculum. Today, I’m combining that experience with my passion for aiding writers.

Today I am super excited to announce my own 1:1 coaching for writers!

Are you ready to become a better writer?

Are you ready to make money with your ideas and words?

I leverage my experience to help you succeed by providing advice, feedback, goal setting, and accountability. My 1:1 coaching packages include email access and video coaching calls based on your needs.

The launch of my 1:1 coaching program piggy-backs on yesterday’s announcement of a small-group-based Community Cohort coaching program I’m leading for The Writing Cooperative.

Combining my teaching and writing experience is a match on par with peanut butter and jelly.

A version of this story originally appeared in my weekly newsletter, Eat Your Words. Eat Your Words is an idiom meaning to take back what you’ve said. For me, the phrase combines my two favorite things: eating and writing. The Eat Your Words by Justin Cox newsletter mixes writing and creativity advice with featured meals and recipes. It’s the best of both worlds, delivered right to your inbox every week. Sign up today!

Freelance content writer and writing coach. Co-Founder of The Writing Cooperative. Let’s connect: https://justincox.com/.

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