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I don’t know who you are, but I’m grateful for your support, and I hope you enjoy all the things you read.

Justin Cox
2 min readSep 5, 2022


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Did you know Medium has an affiliate program? Ok, that’s rhetorical. Read anything on Medium, and you’ll run into “Join Medium for just $5 and support my writing…” calls to action after nearly every article. I get it because money is nice, but the constant reminders feel a bit… well, desperate.

I haven’t included a Medium affiliate link CTA in articles in months and no longer accept them in The Writing Cooperative. By now, I figure readers get the point, and if they want to sign up with an affiliate link, they will.

That said, I’m extremely grateful to those of you who not only signed up with my affiliate link but continue to renew your Medium account monthly. Medium gives me no information about you, my mysterious benefactors. So, whoever you are, thank you! I hope you enjoy what you’re reading from The Writing Cooperative and me.

I’m not requesting you reveal yourselves. In fact, I kind of like the anonymity of it all. Just know that I’m grateful to my anonymous supporters.

Anyway, today’s a holiday here in the United States, so enjoy it if you have the day off! And, if you don’t have the day off, enjoy whatever it is you’re doing, too.

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