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The Medium Kids Creep Me Out

An analysis.

Wrong. It was a big deal. A big freaking deal! They changed the splash graphic that loads when you first open to the app. There was a mind cracking open with ideas pouring out. Now there are two creepy children. Maybe they’re teenagers? I don’t know!

First of all, what are these two even looking at? It’s clearly not me, the user. It’s not anything published on Medium. They’re just staring into dead space.

You could argue that one is staring directly at the other’s temple, which is a bit disconcerting. My dog stares at me like this when he wants to eat dinner. Does this person want the other to feed them? Why can’t they feed themselves!?

So what are the two actually seeing? Is it the Shadow Monster? Do they see dead people? I’m not sure I want to know the answer.

The one in the forefront with the less bright yellow shirt is also clearly not entertained by the thing she is vacantly staring at. The little smirk conveys her true feelings: she is not impressed.

Is this really the message that Medium wants to send to people as they wait for the app to open? Two kids who are either completely unimpressed with what they’re seeing or hungry and desperate to be fed? Maybe it’s a symbolic metaphor…

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McKayla Maroney is not impressed either.

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