My Tribe of Mentors

What I learned from Tim Ferriss’ Tribe of Mentors and my answers to his 11 great questions.

Justin Cox
10 min readJul 7, 2022


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While browsing through a recent sale on Audible, I came across Tim Ferriss’ Tribe of Mentors. The book poses the same 11 outstanding questions to hundreds of thought leaders and experts from around the world. While it’s a few years old, I had never heard of this book and thought it would be a great way to gain insight from many people at once.

Below, I’ve captured the common takeaways that stood out to me from Tribe of Mentors and my answers to the 11 challenging questions. I’m curious to hear what you think. Pick one of the questions and respond with your answer.

Common takeaways from Tribe of Mentors

Don’t eat sugar

It’s incredible how many people mentioned eliminating sugar from their diet to improve their lives. Research has concluded that sugar is killing us, but ice cream and cookies are delicious… And so are most fruits!

Having said that, I know it’s terrible for me in the quantities typically consumed. I’m trying to remain conscious of my sugar consumption and, where possible, stick to natural sugar rather than processed options.

Be ruthless with your calendar

Most of the Tribe of Mentors are ruthless with their calendars. They say no to many things. Multiple people even say no to any request or invitation more than a week away. Like I said, ruthless. However, it makes total sense.

Our time is valuable and can easily be consumed by meetings, invitations, and events. If we’re not careful, we lose time for what we need to do, let alone want to. Right now, I try to respond to every email and request for my time. It’s a lot, but I’m also relatively flexible. As my calendar fills up, I’ll need to take the Mentors’ advice and get more ruthless.

Movement is connected to wellbeing

Maybe it’s because Tim Ferriss’ Tribe of Mentors includes many athletes, but one of the common themes was the importance of daily movement. So many people talked about an exercise routine or the simplicity of walking to improve moods…



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