It’s Time To Delete Your Personal Publication

Thoughts on the “more relational” Medium

Justin Cox
3 min readOct 16, 2020


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Yesterday, Medium changed, well, everything about their branding. The “M” is gone in favor of an abstract ellipsis, which I kind of dig. They also unleashed a torrent of new design features adding whimsy and playfulness into the platform.

All of these new features scream blog to me, even if I’m still not sure what a blog actually is. But I’m starting to think that’s ok. A blog is whatever you want it to be (probably), which might be the entire point of this new Medium.

All of these changes are great and finally bring something I’ve long desired to see on Medium: a reason to delete my personal publication.

I’ve had a personal publication for years as a place to keep all the things I published (not in another publication) in one place. It provided an opportunity to play with design and add a bit of my personal style and branding. The problem was it always ran counter to my Medium profile. Well, friend, the day has come to 86 the personal publication. Here’s why:

1: Follower Counts

In the new Medium design, follower counts are displayed in the story header. If the story is in a publication, the publication’s follower count shows there. This is great for large publications like The Writing Cooperative . But, unless your personal publication has more followers than you as an individual, that smaller number might not be amicable. Like it or not, follower counts are a form of credibility. The larger the number, the more our brain says, “this person is someone.” In this case, bigger is always better.

2: One Location

The Medium profile page contains everything you publish in one convenient place. The personal publication only displays stories for that publication. Everything you’ve published across the platform? Well, those are wherever they are. Conversely, your profile page contains everything published regardless of publication. Why make your followers hunt down your stories?

3: Customizable Design

Let’s face it, the old Medium profile was boring. With the new design tools, you have options for colors, fonts, and your own…



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