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How to write blog posts that people actually read.

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Let’s give the people what they really want.

Writing things people want to read is not as difficult as you might think. Take these opening paragraphs for example, they don’t actually mean anything. Most people won’t read them. They’re just scrolling past them, looking for the bold text or bullet points.

Just include some sentences to add length to your story and appear you actually know what you’re talking about.

1. Include a list of reasons.

2. Tell people how to live their lives.

3. Keep the bullet points to five or less.

4. Include links to other things you have written.

5. Have a picture that attracts attention.

BONUS TIP: Ask people to engage.

You now have all the tips needed to write a blog post that people will read. They probably won’t remember any of the details in five minutes, but that’s ok. You already got that bump in viewership.

You’re now well on your way to gaining thousands of followers and becoming the next king of the internet.

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