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Justin Cox
Freelance content writer and writing coach. Co-Founder of The Writing Cooperative. Let’s connect:


  • Camille DeAngelis

    Camille DeAngelis

    Authoress: LIFE WITHOUT ENVY (“a self-help book that’s actually helpful”) and assorted fantasy novels.

  • Roo Hart

    Roo Hart

    21 | Engineering student | Dreaming&Doing |

  • Mustapha Olukayode

    Mustapha Olukayode

  • Sima Akter

    Sima Akter

  • Mercedes Holmes

    Mercedes Holmes

  • Jayasanka Rajapaksha

    Jayasanka Rajapaksha

    Software Engineer

  • Shirley J. Davis

    Shirley J. Davis

    I am an author/speaker living among the corn and bean fields of Illinois in the U.S.

  • TaylorRuth


    Contributing writer to Recovery International, The Ascend, and Innovation. As seen in Are We Europe, & Culture Trip. Sober Party Girl :

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