Bless Your Heart…

It’s lovely that you’ve moved somewhere you clearly don’t want to be and decided 14-stereotypical things are gospel for an entire region of the country. That’s cool. It really is. It doesn’t perpetuate stereotypes or racial tropes at all.

And even if it did, why would you care? I mean, you’re ready to jump ship and go back to wherever that motorcycle will take you. You said so yourself so don’t @ me either.

You’re like a hurricane, which we in the South are well versed. The mean storm, filled with wind, flies in, does its damage, and then it’s gone. Two days later everyone has moved on with their lives, forgetting about the storm in the first place.

But hey, what do I know? I’ve just lived in the South for over 30-years so, by your definition, the sugar and fat caused my buttermilk-face to be a closet racist. But then again, I don’t get sarcasm so maybe I’m wrong? You tell me since you are clearly an expert on my life.

Maybe, instead of blasting 14 click-bait stereotypes with the sole purpose of boosting your page views and fueling your digital ego, you write about 14 things that are actually great about wherever you’re living? Maybe 14 people you met that are awesome? Or, I don’t know, 14 ways your stereotypes were proved wrong?

Be a force for good and not a force that fuels hate, classism, and baits racism. Or don’t. It’s your choice. But your choice says more about you than the region of the country you’re making fun of.

Freelance writer and consultant helping nonprofits, businesses, and individuals tell their stories. Co-Founder of The Writing Cooperative. 👉

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