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Justin Cox
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Updated August 11, 2021

Welcome to Medium! It’s is a pretty excellent place Ev and the Medium Staff built. This story (that’s what Medium calls everything published on their platform) will help you get started. Medium provides not only great stories but also great ways for readers to interact with authors. All of these, and more, are covered in this guide.

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After creating your Medium account, be sure to personalize your bio and profile page. Think of your bio…

Everyone has their own strange traditions, but Australia’s Fairy Bread may be one of the strangest I’ve stumbled on lately. But, what is it?

Tomorrow is my birthday. It’s ok; you can hold the applause. Since I’m all about food and words, I went looking for obscure birthday-related things to share in today’s newsletter. Instead, I found quite possibly the saddest birthday tradition: Australian Fairy Bread.

On the surface, Fairy Bread sounds like a magical treat. Instead, it’s a piece of buttered white bread (sans crust) covered in sprinkles. That’s it. That’s the whole treat. I’m a fan of buttered bread, but untoasted buttered bread? With sprinkles?

Now, if there’s one thing I know, it’s that the internet often lies to us. I tried…

In today’s Write Now interview, Angela Terry shares where she finds inspiration and how she avoids distractions while writing

Do social media and your email distract you from writing? I know it distracts me. When I am working on a deadline, I set timers and don’t check those time-sucking apps until the buzzer rings. Angela Terry uses a dedicated app that prevents access to email and the internet until she’s done with a writing session. That’s dedication! Enjoy today’s Write Now interview with Angela Terry.

Who are you?

My name is Angela Terry, and I’m an author. I’m also an intellectual property attorney, but over the last several years, lawyering has taken a back seat to writing. …

This Week In Writing we want to ensure everyone has equal access to our writing. Here are ways to write for accessibility.

Did you know accessibility is an important consideration for writers? I’ll be honest with you all, I did not until I read Angela Phan’s fantastic article explaining how to write with accessibility in mind. Angela outlines a few simple steps all writers should consider when creating.

Angela’s article is one of only two articles in The Writing Cooperative regarding writing for accessible audiences. The other, written by Melinda Crow for our Writer’s Toolkit series, is an article about using video and audio to aid those with vision impairments. …

Not only have I switched from 1Password to Keychain, but I’m not looking back

1Password was my go-to app for more than a decade. It was the first app installed on every new device and something I recommended to everyone I knew. However, when I buy a new iPhone later this week, I won’t download 1Password. Instead, I’ve switched from 1Password to Keychain.

A few weeks ago, 1Password announced their next version, 1Password 8, and released a public beta. Loving the software, I was interested in new features and functionality. Instead, I stumbled into a world of controversy surrounding the next iteration.

1Password 8 Controversy

1Password 8 uses Electron, an app framework designed for cross-platform support. It’s…

While I am not an expert, I learned a lot about accessible writing while redesigning my website. Here are the four free tools I used.

In late August, I sat down and wrote five issues of This Week In Writing for The Writing Cooperative. Everything sending through the rest of September is already scheduled and ready to go. One of those issues, the one sending Tuesday morning, is all about accessible writing.

Angela Phan wrote a fantastic article about how to write for accessibility. She shares a few ways writers can ensure their content is written so those with visual impairments can also enjoy the content. While next week’s issue of This Week In Writing invites a greater discussion on accessible writing, today, I want…

Write Now

Lauren Gibaldi is an author, anthologist, and librarian. Lauren shares how she wrote three books by aiming for 30-minutes of writing a day.

Despite growing up in Orlando and managing The Writing Cooperative, I was largely unaware of the plethora of fantastic authors who call the city home. As I’ve begun connecting with local authors for Write Now interviews, I’ve found Orlando is home to some fantastic authors. One such is Lauren Gibaldi, who is an author and local librarian. Her latest is the anthology Battle of the Bands, a collection of short stories about high school rock bands. Enjoy Lauren’s interview.

Who are you?

I’m Lauren Gibaldi, a young adult author (The Night We Said Yes, Autofocus, This Tiny Perfect World) and anthologist (Battle of…

This Week In Writing we look at the genre-crossing anime Cowboy Bebop to learn how to tell more interesting and unique stories

A few weeks ago, Netflix released the first promotional photos for the live-action Cowboy Bebop remake. I’ve spent the last week or two rewatching the original anime series for the umpteenth time. The show is a genre-bending tale about a rag-tag group of space cowboys (bounty hunters). While the basis of Cowboy Bebop is future-focused science fiction, it takes a heavy influence from noir crime stories and westerns, not to mention rule-breaking jazz music.

A genre is a type of box to classify different works of art. Go to any book store or library, and, to an extent, titles are…

Goldilocks (noun): denoting or referring to the most desirable or advantageous part of a range of values or conditions

My wife and I are slowly repainting every wall in our house. We began the process last year when renovating my home office for full-time use. A few weeks ago, we updated the kitchen and discovered a fantastic color for our bedroom. At this point, there are only a few walls that do not have a fresh coat of paint. And their time is coming very soon.

There are currently eight sample colors on the living room wall. And not just one place, mind you. I put the same eight swatches in multiple locations to see what they look like…

Dane McBeth is a 22-year-old who published 52 books on Amazon. Learn more about Dane’s process in today’s Write Now interview.

James Patterson is one of (the) most prolific authors working in the business. However, he doesn’t write most of his books. He outlines them, and a team of writers fleshes out all the content. This model of writing is not limited to Patterson. Dane McBeth is a 22-year-old who used the Patterson model to publish 52 books on Amazon. Learn more about Dane’s process in today’s Write Now interview.

Who are you?

Dane McBeth, self-publisher and online educator/coach for aspiring and experienced self-publishers. I’m based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Connect with me at and Facebook.

What do you write?

My main focus is on…

Justin Cox

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